Hi Babes! Thank you so much for joining the Custom Curves Community. As a personal trainer for 5 years, I loved the feeling of working out but also wearing a cute and comfy outfit while getting my sweat on. Through my journey, I thought I needed to spend hundreds of dollars on the top-named brands like Nike and Adidas but realized that most items didn’t fit me.

I either felt uncomfortable doing certain exercises or that I paid so much that I could only wear them to the gym and that’s it! I needed clothing that would not only make me feel sexy but that I could wear everywhere.

Many people always suggested that I start a bodysuit line because I always wore one to the gym, but I just didn’t see myself as a person starting an apparel line. After a year of back and forth, I trusted God to show me how to start something that seemed so far away. Custom Curves mean that each piece of material is unique to all sizes, shapes, and dimensions.

Manufactured in Brazil but designed in Boston, we have made each collection one of a kind. We chose limited restocks because in each collection we want something new and improved. Thank you and welcome to the family.